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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Summers' Love by Stu Summers

Summers’ Love by Stu Summers: A Book Review
     I admit I have a love-hate relationship with this book, but I wonder if that’s not what the author intended.  As I was reading along I would think, “This is ridiculous!” or, “People don’t do things like that!”  When someone who had critiqued his writing told Stu (the character) that his dialogue was unbelievable, “Not unbelievable as in ‘good,’…but as in ‘not even close to believable,’” I felt the same way about Stu (the author).  If I had not been reading this book to review I probably would have closed it and moved on to another book, and I would have missed out.
     In spite of everything I was compelled to keep turning pages to see what would happen next to the two main characters: a rich, famous writer who is a closet wanna be and a poor ball cap salesperson who moonlights selling stun guns.  To say that their romance was a rollercoaster ride sounds so cliché, but what else could describe the sharp twists and turns and the rapid ups and downs?  Nothing that I know of.  Another thing, and a huge part of what I loved about this story, that kept me reading was Hattie, AKA the holy ghostwriter.  Her spunky attitude and pearls of Biblical wisdom were truly endearing.  I would love to read another Stu Summers book with Hattie as the leading lady.
     Summers’ Love did contain some dialogue I’ve rarely found in books written for the Christian fiction market.  One worth noting in a review of this type is what is in my opinion the careless use of the Lord’s name, maybe not in vain, but careless at the least.  As a popular movie and dvd reviewer would say, I give this book a three out of five jolts from a stun gun for reader friendliness. 

I received this book from Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas in exchange for my honest opinion. 

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