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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Blind Trust by Sandra Orchard – A Book Review

     Kate Adams is the Nancy Drew of pharmaceutical researchers, finding herself in increasing numbers of dangerous situations, some of her own making, some not.  Tom Parker would be the ideal person for her to develop a relationship with, a detective who is used to dealing with trouble, which seems to follow Kate everywhere she goes.  However both Kate and Tom have histories that complicate the matter. Sandra Orchard has also cast a large number of supporting characters who fall in and out of suspicion.  At one point in my reading, I thought I’d use an analogy of Ms Orchard and a tassel maker, someone who ties up all of the loose ends, but it wasn’t too many pages later when the ends began to unravel, and the mystery or should I say mysteries, took an unexpected turn.  Blind Trust will keep the reader up at night, and grabbing minutes whenever they can be found during the day, driven by a desire to know who is behind the counterfeiting that plagues this small town, who is behind the threats directed at Kate, and what is causing the erratic behavior displayed by Kate’s elderly neighbor.
     Ms Orchard has truly mastered the smooth flow of dialogue in her writing.  Conversations sound natural and not contrived, and her readers can easily immerse themselves into the scene being played out with this author’s skill. There is one drawback to Blind Trust, a significant one for me.  I am one of those readers who prefers book series in which the reader can enjoy getting more involved with a particular group of characters while feeling that each individual book comes to a conclusion.  This book does not fit that description.  If you are a reader who likes for the story to continue on throughout a series, lingering with the details of a particular storyline, then this book is for you.    
     Ms Orchard throws in a nice little bonus at the end of this book, a recipe for the muffins mentioned several times within the story.  Our three and a half year old granddaughter helped me to bake the muffins one Saturday afternoon because in her words she, “loves, Loves, LOVES muffins.”  These muffins were a big hit, but I will admit she talked me into doubling the cinnamon in the recipe so that they might taste “more like Daddy’s cinnamon rolls.”

     I received Blind Trust by Sandra Orchard compliments of Revell Publishers and Christian Fiction Blog Alliance for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation for a favorable review and the opinions expressed here are strictly my own.  I hope many of you will also enjoy this book, book 2, from the Port Aster Secrets series.  Happy Reading!

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