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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Wounded Warrior’s Wife by Hannah Conway – A Book Review

     It was an honor and a privilege to beta read this book for Hannah.  I only wish I’d read it while I was still working with soldiers’ families as her story gave me added insight into what these families must deal with. Anyone in any type of working or personal relationship with military families would be blessed by reading The Wounded Warrior’s Wife. They are not the only readers who would find a blessing here.  Those who enjoy a good, clean romance story will also be pleased with having spent time between the covers of this book. 
     While this is Hannah’s debut novel, she paces the story and used dialogue like a veteran writer.  She develops her lead characters in a manner that brings them to life. (Don’t be surprised if you suddenly find yourself praying for Whitleigh, Collier and their son, Linc.) Mental images will be painted so vividly in your mind that you will find them lingering there long after you've turned the last page: the beauty of new love, the anticipation of a loved one’s return, the heartbreak of conflict, the horrors of war, and the cleansing breath of forgiveness.
     The Wounded Warrior’s Wife is a tale of a young military wife who puts her own career and goals on hold while supporting her husband and later caring for their chronically ill child.  A wife, like many in our world today, solely bearing the weight of family responsibility on her shoulders, making it possible for her warrior husband to make the world a safer place to live. It is a tale of a young warrior who strives to protect his wife from the atrocities of war, but who sorely needs personal release from the memories that plague him. It is a tale of love and forgiveness, one of which cannot be found without the other.  It is a tale of war wounds, visible and invisible, and casualties of war, found both in the Middle East and at home. 
     Along with the author of this poignant story, debut author, Hannah Conway, I invite you into Whitleigh and Collier’s world.  You won’t leave the same as you arrived. 


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    1. Deanna, thanks for commenting. On the 15th I posted an interview with this author. I hope you have time to check it out.