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Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Promise To Protect by Patricia Bradley - A Book Review

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A Promise to Protect by Patricia Bradley (Book 2 in the Logan Point Series) – A BookReview
     I posted a review on my blog for book one in the Logan Point series on February 1, 2014.  It began, “This book has more twists and turns in the first chapter than many books do between their covers.” A Promise to Protect is no different.  Half-way into the book there had been a murder, attempted murders, two arsons, and two snake bites, among other nefarious events.  While the romantic storyline might be a bit predictable, the mystery and suspense elements are not.  Bradley plays it close to the vest until very near the book’s end, revealing some character’s involvement only to make you question others’.  I had been greatly anticipating this second book, and was not disappointed.   While this is the second book of the series, it would work fine as a stand-alone read, and the reader would be able to read the books out of sequence without too much of a problem. 
     Recently an author asked a group of avid readers what element of a book was most likely to determine their opinion of the book.  For me it is dialogue, dialogue, dialogue.   When selecting a book I open it up to three or four different spots and sample the dialogue.  If it sounds stilted or cheesy, I put the book back on the shelf and continue my search.  Bradley’s books contain a great deal of well written dialogue that keeps the story moving.  She is a master of show don’t tell, avoiding lengthy descriptions, allowing the dialogue to lead her readers in inferring and creating mental images. 
     A Promise to Protect deals with the theme of forgiveness.  While forgiveness of others is central to the plot, it is the main characters’ struggles with forgiving themselves that is really addressed within the storyline.  Bradley also deals with the importance of accepting forgiveness, something often ignored as many authors and speakers deal with giving forgiveness.  I have taught many a comprehension strategy lesson on making text-to-self connections.  I doubt that there are many readers who would fail to connect to the theme of this book as there are multiple opportunities among a variety of characters to give and receive forgiveness, as well as opportunities to withhold the very same.
     Whether this is your second visit to Logan’s Point or only your first, I predict that you will be losing a lot of sleep until your visit comes to an end.  You will find yourself rooting for Sheriff Ben Logan as Dr. Leigh Somerall reenters his life ten years after their college romance abruptly ended.  Your heart will go out to her son, TJ, as he deals with the many challenges life hands him, and your heart will race as revenge is sought for real and imagined wrongs, and as the desire for revenge or retribution is relinquished by some.  Welcome to Logan’s Point.   
     I thank Revell Publishers and Christian Fiction Blog Alliance for providing A Promise to Protect for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation for a favorable review and the opinions expressed here are strictly my own

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