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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Wish Me Home by Kay Bratt - A Book Review

Product DetailsKay Bratt

     Cara is fleeing, leaving her twin behind, a difficult journey made more difficult by a lack of money, transportation, and trust. Throughout their years in the foster care system the twins had learned to rely only on one another; now they were each on their own. Along Cara’s way she meets a series of very special people, people who demonstrate a love and selflessness that nurture her.  Although Bratt’s writing does not stress the root of these characters’ love, the reader might just see the love of Christ demonstrated. Cara is also blessed with the love and devotion of a dog she names Hemi after her favorite author, Ernest Hemingway. The reader journeys right alongside Cara, celebrating her triumphs and anguishing in her setbacks.
     Kay Bratt carefully paces her release of information related to the twins’ past and to the reason behind Cara’s flight, information vital to their future. Bratt is a master at placing questions in her readers’ mind, and engaging them in the search for the answers. I knew Bratt as a master of non-fiction; this book introduced me to her as a master of fiction as well. This book will please readers who simply love a good book with memorable characters as well as readers who desire a memorable reading experience with meaningful themes and important life lessons.

    I thank Kay Bratt for providing me with a copy of Wish Me Home in exchange for my honest review. 

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