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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Moving Target by Lynette Eason - A Book Review

Moving Target (Elite Guardians Book #3) by [Eason, Lynette]     Lynette Eason

     Moving Target is the third book in Lynette Eason’s Elite Guardians series. Each book in this series is better than the last. Eason is hard for other mystery/suspense writers to top, so it is amazing that she continues to top herself. Her writing is fast paced, believable, and engaging.
     I had lots of things that needed to be accomplished over the last two days, but very few of them were as I was totally engrossed in Quinn and Maddy’s story. Over the past few years, Quinn, a police detective, and Maddy, a former FBI agent turned body guard, have found themselves working cases together. A friendship developed in spite of Quinn’s prickly personality, with Maddy realizing that she has fallen in love with him. Quinn is much slower to embrace the turn in their relationship as he is holding onto a complicated past. While he may have eventually come around, having his world rocked by their becoming the targets of a serial killer certainly worked as a catalyst. Even so, Maddy comes to the realization that both she and Quinn have family issues that are best rectified before they take their relationship any further, not to mention Quinn’s tenuous relationship with his heavenly Father.
     Quinn had hoped to convince Maddy to join the task force searching for a serial killer. Maddy, while interested in once again working with Quinn, was reluctant to use the skills to get inside a murderer’s mind; getting back out was not easy. The decision of Maddy’s involvement was made for them when both she and Quinn were targeted by the madman, or was it madmen? Who exactly was it who had whisked them off to an island of terror? What connection did they have to the previous victims? Even when it appeared that answers were in hand, more questions were just around the corner.

     I highly recommend Moving Target to mystery and suspense fans. Fans of romantic fiction will also delight in this most recent offering by Lynette Eason. I thank the publisher for making a copy available to me in exchange for my honest opinion. I received no monetary compensation for my review.        

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