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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Pursued by Lisa Harris - A Book Review

Product DetailsLisa Harris

     I was so excited to receive the third book in The Nikki Boyd Files. Formerly a classroom teacher, Nikki is now a special agent in the missing persons division of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, spurred on to make the career change in the aftermath of her younger sister’s kidnapping. In Pursued Nikki stumbles into a case after her seatmate, Erika Hamilton, goes missing following their airplane’s crash at the Nashville airport. After first having her offer of assistance declined by the FBI, Nikki is asked to join the case to locate Erika, a key witness in an upcoming grand jury trial. Has Erika been kidnapped or is she on the run? Why is there an abundance of dead bodies being left in her wake? These are just a couple of questions that Nikki and her team must answer, along with finding out who is the mole in the FBI.
     Nikki had been looking forward to reconnecting with her longtime friend, Tyler, following his three months in Liberia. They still needed to find out if there was something more than a friendship developing between them, and if so, what their future would hold. A future that may be complicated by some unexpected medical results waiting for Nikki upon her return to Nashville. A complicated case like Erika’s, that quickly became personal, was not what Nikki wanted or needed at this time, but it drew her in because that’s who she was, someone who did her best to find those who were missing before it was too late.

     Pursued, met my expectations and provided me with an enjoyable read. While having some background provided in the first two books of the series gave me insight I would not have had otherwise, I do believe Pursued would work well as a stand-alone read. Harris has provided adequate information as to not leave new readers in the dark, while not boring those who are reading the series in sequence. I thank Lisa Harris and Revell Publishing for providing Pursued in exchange for my honest opinion. I received no monetary compensation for providing this review. 

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