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Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Bridge by Karen Kingsbury - A Book Review

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     A friend suggested I read this book, and I am glad that she did. The Bridge is a sentimental story that tugs at ones heart strings. Molly Allen went to college in Tennessee as a music student to escape her privileged upbringing and the expectations her dad had for her future. Ryan Kelly went to study music and follow his dream to be a professional guitarist. Together they shared many special moments in a bookstore known as The Bridge, but just as friends. Both Molly and Ryan had someone back home waiting on them, and they were cautious not to cross any lines, well until they did. Unfortunately that special night was the beginning of the end.
     Charlie and Donna Barton, owners of The Bridge, considered their customers their family, the only family they had other than one another. They loved them like family, and treated them like family, helping them to find God’s path for their lives through books, a listening ear, and a caring heart. A time has come when the Barton’s need family, now will be the time to see if customers, people like Molly and Ryan, reciprocate those family feelings.

     The theme of this book is that God is a God of second chances. If you are looking for a message of hope, this book has it. If you are a lover of books, this book honors your pastime. If you cry at Hallmark commercials, this book is for you; have the tissues ready.  

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