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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Justice Buried by Patricia Bradley - A Book Review

Justice Buried by [Bradley, Patricia]      Patricia Bradley

     Justice Buried, is the second novel in Patricia Bradley’s Memphis Cold Case series. While mention is made of events from the first book, this book works well as a stand-alone read, and not enough mention is made to spoil the reader’s possible decision to read the first book after the second.  
     Diminishing funding for the arts and humanities has caused Kelsey Allen to move from working as a museum conservator out of her love for antiquities to opening her own security company working out of her love of climbing and cyber security. These loves allowed her to test her clients’ physical and technological security, then to help them fill in the gaps. Unfortunately, Kelsey may have seen more than she was meant to when assisting Rutherford Security, and now she seemed to be a walking target, placing her own family at risk.
     Detective Brad Hollister kept women at arm’s length after being dumped by his fiancé who could not handle his work in the Memphis Police Department’s Homicide Unit. He was skeptical to say the least when Elle showed renewed interest in their relationship after hearing about his transfer to the Cold Case Unit. Still, he was determined to keep a professional distance as he became more deeply and deeply involved in Kelsey’s case which somehow seemed link to her father’s disappearance twenty-eight years ago.

     Reader’s will find an abundance of suspects as they follow the clues in both past and current cases. Solving the mysteries before Brad and Kelsey do may not be so easy. Trying will keep them turning the pages and putting off other things. I thank NetGalley and Revell Books for providing me with a copy of Justice Buried in exchange for my honest opinion. I received no monetary compensation. 

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