Monday, June 24, 2019

Refuge at Pine Lake by Rose Chandler Johnson - A Book Tour Review

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     I am so happy to host Day Two of Rose Chandler Johnson's book tour for her new book Refuge at Pine Lake. Rose is a new-to-me author, but one I will watch for in the future. Here's a sneak peek.
     Exiting the eatery, she'd paused in the entrance to allow the right of way to three kids chasing a hulk of a dog. They came to an abrupt halt in front of a harried woman, no doubt their mom. Robin lifted her free hand in greeting, but Hey” barely escaped her lips when the mastiff sprang into action in chase of a squirrel. Before she knew what was happening, the dog clipped her behind her right knee and sent her spinning, arms and pizza flying overhead. She surely would have landed badly had it not been for the strong arms that wrapped around her and brought her down easy on top of his own body. She felt the solid strength of a man's broad chest, and glimpsed fur and screaming kids fly by, all in a stupefying second.
     “Whoa, girl! I gotcha!” A smooth masculine voice came from over her shoulder.”

And so it began! Twenty-six-year-old Robin Lancaster had lived with her mom long enough. Having had their condo burn down, it seemed like a nice transition time to living separately. Mom, off to care for her own mother, and Robin to the family's lake house where she could renew her relationship with her hero turned boyfriend from the previous summer. Only, unbeknownst to her, Robin's mother had rented their lake house to a professor on sabbatical. Robin wouldn't let that stop her plan for getting Caleb to put a ring on her finger.

Professor Matt McLaughlin had agreed to this sabbatical quite reluctantly. It seems he needed an intervention. It had been years since his wife died in a terrible car accident, for which Matt felt he was to blame, and he just hadn't been able to pull himself together. This sabbatical on the other side of the country was a last effort to find some degree of normalcy, to find himself. He did not anticipate a live in caregiver, especially not one like Robin Lancaster.  

Refuge at Pine Lake is a great summer vacation or staycation read. While including all of the charm found in small towns in the south, th
e author tackles some big themes like grief and planning for the future while still listening to God's direction.  

I was very happy to have received a copy of Refuge at Pine Lake from the author in exchange for my honest opinion. I was under no obligation to provide a positive review and received no monetary compensation.

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